What’s Fresh for Fall 2019? These Great Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Ideas Fall 2017Fall is finally here in southeast Michigan. That means lots of changes; greens turn to orange, it gets darker sooner, and the breeze feels a bit cooler. It also means that a whole new set of interior design trends come around and if you are one of our clients that loves to keep their home fresh and on trend, it’s time to change things up in your Metro Detroit home. Here are some of the great design trends that are fresh for fall, and here just in time for your indoor decorating projects. 

New Colors

White has been a popular paint, tile and cabinet color for a while now. White is great, it goes with everything, but for many of our clients, when white was trendy, it was hard to get into. For fall 2019, white is out of the picture. The new colors for this season are dark green and blush. Blush is a great color for walls, and coordinates well with many other colors such as tans, yellows and greens. Dark green is a great accent color for this fall. Most homeowners in Metro Detroit won’t want to paint entire walls dark green, but it is a great option for linens, throw pillows and even funky furniture pieces. Dark green also makes a great cabinet color in a bright and airy kitchen.

Brass and Black

For your fixtures this fall, it’s time to let go of bronze and copper and switch up to matte black and brass. Yes, that’s right. Brass, which was so popular in the 1990s, is making a comeback. Don’t go overboard with brass this time, however. For this season, brass is great for small items like table lamps, details in furniture, and picture frames. For the bigger ticket items like plumbing fixtures, door knobs and hinges, and light fixtures, switch out your bronze for one shade darker, matte black.

Cozy Fabrics and Linens

If you are looking for a way to update your rooms, try adding in some cozy and traditional fabrics. For this season, great options are quilted fabrics (especially in bedrooms) and velvet. Velvet for upholstery covering is a great option, since it will make your furniture feel extra luxurious, but if you aren’t sure you want to be stuck with a velvet couch, try adding small touches with accent pillows and throw blankets. Quilts will give your home a cozy and traditional feel, and are great ways to make bedrooms feel inviting.

Electronic-Free Spaces

Finding ways to hide TVs, entertainment and sound systems, and incorporating charging stations for phones, tablets and every other sort of electronic device has been a really popular trend, for many years, for pretty much every room in your home. This fall, it’s time to create an electronic-free zone. For many clients, this will be the bedroom. What does this mean? Well, that TV can go. Replace it with a picture or quilt that will give your space a serene feel. Then, get rid of those electronic friendly night stands, and find a simple, clean piece that is free from plugs and charging stations. Replace your phone alarm with a stylish traditional alarm clock instead.

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We love helping our clients update their homes to fit with the latest trends, and seasons. If you are ready for a Fall update, and want to have an experienced Interior Designer to help you incorporate the season’s hottest décor trends, or classic tried-and-true styling, call us today at (586) 739-0080.