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Making Bold Colors Work in Your Home

Painting with dark or bold colors can be a scary commitment to make. Many people really love the idea of putting dark or bold color on their walls, but when it comes time to paint, they settle for easy neutral colors. However, bold and dark colors can make a big statement in a once plain room. Here are some tips for how to use bold colors in your West Bloomfield home.

Find Your Inspiration

There is nothing easier to update a room than a fresh coat of paint. If your space has been filled with neutral colors, and you are looking for a way to make a new statement, you may be considering a bold or bright color. But how do you choose? Look around your home for a bit of inspiration. Do you have a lot of red or orange accent pieces? Consider trying a bold grey for your walls or even a deep chocolate brown. Lots of blue accents in the room will pair well with bold green walls. If using your room for inspiration doesn’t work, take some time to think about what feels the most like you. Maybe you were considering a combination of blue and brown, but you realize, after further thought, that you love to wear black as your staple wardrobe piece and using that as the bold anchor in your home is the most fitting. It’s important to remember that going bold doesn’t necessarily mean going with bright colors. Black in a neutral that pairs with anything but offers a bold punch nonetheless. Paint a room in stripes for a look that is both fun and classic.

Try Out a Few Colors

If you’ve found your inspiration, and it’s led you to a couple of color choices, give both a try, before you buy. Most paint or home improvement stores will mix a small container of paint in the colors that you are interested in, as testers. Make the investment in a few of these paint testers, and don’t skimp. Paint a large piece of cardboard or poster board with your paint testers, and then hang them in the room where you want to paint. Leave them there for a week or so. This will give you the chance to see the color on your wall, in a square larger than a paint swatch, and help you decide if you really love it, or if you need to find a different color.

Start Small

If you aren’t ready to commit to a full room in that bright or bold color, pick one wall in your room and paint it as an accent wall. Accent walls are a great way to bring a fun, bright or bold color in to your space without the whole room commitment. It can also be a second step to making sure that you truly love the color. If you paint one wall, and love the color, you may want to move on to the rest of the room.

Bold Works Anywhere

Maybe you are ready to try bold colors in your home, but don’t want to start with a large room. Then you remember, dark colors in small spaces will make them look smaller, right? Well that isn’t necessarily the case. Bold colors can actually make a small space seem larger and more commanding. Don’t be afraid to take a chance and paint a bathroom in a dark color, or a small kitchen a bold blue or yellow.

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Bold and bright colors can help set the mood for any room in your house. They might take some courage to try, but if you are willing to take the chance, a bold color can add dimension and depth, and give new life to your furniture and decorations. Patricia Interiors is your expert for making your home beautiful.

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