Warm and Cozy Decorating Ideas for Winter in Southeast Michigan

Cozy Interior Design - Southeast MichiganMost of us have put away our shorts and sandals for the season, and are pulling out the chunky sweaters. Our wardrobe is ready for the winter in and we are getting our minds and bodies ready for the inevitable cold that comes to southeast Michigan. But what about your home? What are you doing to get your home’s interior ready for the winter. You’ll be spending more time indoors now, so now is the perfect time to add in some cozy, warm details that will keep your home inviting through the long winter.

Pull Out the Throws

If you stashed away your cozy blankets for the summer, or if you just need to add a few extra throws to your living room or family room, now is the time to do it. You are probably looking forward to curling up by the fire and reading a good book, enjoying conversations and entertaining for the holidays. There is no more essential item for relaxing and staying warm than a great throw blanket. Select warm fleeces and soft wools for your throw material. Then carefully coordinate your colors and patterns so that your throw will fit with the décor in any part of your home.

Window Time

There is nothing that will make a great room less inviting is a drafty room. Before it gets too cold, make sure that you are checking your windows and doors for leaks and drafts. This may mean bringing in a window and door specialist to reset doors or replace weather stripping. Once your windows and doors are draft free, make sure that you have great window coverings to keep the cold out. We suggest thicker materials or curtains that have a lining to keep the cold out, and the warm in. Getting rid of the drafts, and keeping cold behind great window treatments is also a great way to reduce your heating costs through the winter.

Cover Your Floors

This is especially true if you have lots of hardwood or tile in your home. These hard flooring surfaces can be a shock to bare feet, and in some cases can actually make a room feel colder. Winter is a great time to think about adding some area rugs and runners to your hard floor surfaces. Rugs and carpet are an easy way to warm up a room and to keep your feet warm on those chilly winter nights. Rugs are also a great way to tie together décor features so finding the perfect rug is essential for making your room look great.

Warm Bedroom Updates

You will probably want to make some winter-time updates to your bedroom, while you are getting your home ready for winter. An easy first step is to add some extra layers to your bed. Consider simple layers like a classic quilt or soft, plush throws. A few extra pillows are also a great way to add some warmth to your bed in the winter. You may also want to upgrade your bedroom with a cozy armchair to sit and read in, or a new color on your walls that will give the room a warm and inviting feel.

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Getting your home’s interior ready for winter can mean many different things. If you are looking to change your décor from the bright and airy feel of summer to a warm and cozy retreat for winter, Patricia Interiors can help. Our interior design experts can recommend the best solutions from paint colors to custom window treatments to make your home inviting and cozy all winter long. Call us today at (586)739-0080 to schedule an interior design consultation.