Troy interior designThe majority of homeowners don’t live in luxurious, custom built homes. Therefore, most of us wish we had a larger, more spacious bathroom. There are some rooms that feel cozy and intimate if they’re small, but Troy interior design tips can keep small bathrooms from feeling claustrophobic and outdated.

If you don’t have the time or the money to physically make your bathroom larger, follow these Troy interior design tips below to get a similar result without the big bucks.

  1. Choose Serene Colors

Soft, neutral colors tend to open up a room and deliver the illusion of more space. Bold, dark colors can be romantic and dramatic, and they may work very well for a dining room. However, for small spaces, they will only make the room feel more closed in and cave-like. Heading into the dark, small bathroom every morning right out of bed is not going to help you wake up; rather, it’ll make you want to sink back into bed! Troy interior design suggests choosing light pastels, neutrals, and whites for the walls, and if you wish, bright colors for small accessories like towels.

  1. Brighten up with Lighting

In addition to painting and decorating with light colors, Troy interior design recommends that you can brighten up your small bathroom with extra lighting. This won’t take up any counter space and will help make your bathroom appear larger and airier. Recessed lighting can be installed in the ceiling and focused on specific areas, like over the sink and mirror. Wall sconces on either side of the vanity provide extra lighting where you need it and add an elegant touch. If you’re willing to spend more money, adding a skylight or a larger window will flood in sunlight and definitely open up the space.

  1. Downsize Large Accessories

A large vanity and sink will take up extra space and will shrink the size of your bathroom. You may feel cramped moving around and your bathroom will appear about half the size it actually is. Choose a petite pedestal sink to maximize the space and give you more square footage. You can replace the storage you had under the cabinet vanity with a small shelf or a nearby linen closet. And if you choose a wall mounted sink, you may have room underneath for a woven basket or two for extra toilet paper and feminine products.

  1. Think Minimalistic

Cutting back on anything that sticks out in your bathroom will free up extra space. Even the smallest furniture piece or accessory that sticks out into the room can create visual blocks and give the illusion of a shrinking room. Take out bulky wall shelves, hanging racks, or decorative pieces on the walls that cut into the room and force you to walk around them.

These are just a few of the many Troy interior design ideas you can use to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger. If you would like more ideas and the help from a professional interior decorator, contact Patricia Interiors today.