Top Reasons to Decorate with Mirrors

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Mirrors are a great way to bring depth and dimension to the rooms in your Oakland County home. They are a versatile and easy decorating piece, and one that can find a place in any room in your home. If you’ve been thinking about adding mirrors to your home’s décor, here are some way that they can improve your space.

Increase Space

Mirrors aren’t really going to give you more room in your home, but they do provide the illusion of more space. Rooms that are short or small can benefit from strategically placed mirrors. Mirrors placed where they can increase light and have a simple view can give a room the illusion of more depth. Use this technique in rooms that may need a little extra depth in one direction. For example, rooms that are long and narrow can benefit from a mirror to make the room feel less narrow. Small bedrooms can use a mirror for “more space” and also give a spot to check your attire. Small bathrooms can benefit from additional mirrors, not only to give more space but to add more light.

Brighten Up

Mirrors are a great decorating piece for rooms that don’t have good natural light or are in a dark part or you home, such as the basement or an internal bathroom. Mirrors that are placed where they can reflect natural light will brighten up the room. Rooms that tend to be dark at night, or where the space is enhanced with muted light, can benefit from a mirror placed near a table lamp or lighted candles. The mirror will amplify the light and spread it around the room, giving the impression that there is more light. This is also a good way to create a warm, romantic glow in dining rooms or bedrooms.

Add Drama

A great mirror, usually one that is large in size, can add drama to a room with relatively simple decorations. If you want to add some flair to a room, but don’t want to completely redecorate, consider adding a large mirror. For even more drama, select a mirror that has a dramatic or unique frame. Using a mirror as a center piece is a good technique for decorating a room that has a modern and minimalistic feel. This is also a great piece to use if furniture in the space is sleek and angular.

Art Piece

Finding the right piece of art for a room can be challenging. If you are looking for an art piece, but are struggling to find the right one for your space, consider using a mirror. A mirror with a beautiful frame or decorative metal work around or on top of the mirror can be a great replacement for a painting or other art piece. Often times this is also a good alternative if you are decorating on a budget, as mirrors can be more affordable than art pieces.

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