Eastpointe interior decoratorThere is one thing in just about every home that can be a challenge to decorate around. That one thing? The television. TV sets used to be big and bulky, and hard to incorporate into a room, without it being the focal point of the space. Today, our flat screen TVs can easily fit into any room or any space, and not be a visual burden. Just follow these suggestions from an Eastpointe interior decorator.

Hang it Up

The easiest way to start incorporating your TV into your space, is to mount it to the wall. Mounting your TV on the wall serves a couple of purposes. First, it opens up your furniture and floor space for other fun elements, like a love seat, ottoman, bench, or low book shelf. Second, it gets rid of the wires. Hanging your TV gives you the opportunity to snake the wires through the wall, hiding them from view, and keeping your room looking tidy. Last, hanging your TV generally puts it in a better position for comfortable viewing. You can sit on your couch and watch without getting a kink in your neck.

A Great Stand

So, maybe you aren’t interested in putting holes in your walls to hang your TV. If you are going to set your TV on something, try to find an interesting piece of furniture that will fit with the décor of your space but be sturdy enough to hold your television. Antique dressers or funky modern cabinets are great options.

Consider Location

Location is everything. Before you determine the location of your TV, ask yourself if you want it to be the focus of the room or wall, or want it to be more discrete. If you have a great piece of furniture or an amazing fireplace that you would rather have as the focal point, consider off-setting your TV on a wall. Hang it in a corner or off to the side of the fireplace. If you want the TV to be a main attraction in your space, center it on the wall, or place an eye catching piece of furniture below it. Make that be the focal point of the room.

Make an Art Gallery

Your TV doesn’t have to be all alone on your wall. Consider hanging fun pieces of art around your TV. This is a nice way to blend the electronics into the space, without off-setting it on the wall or hiding it in a corner. Try using black and white art around your TV. This will add interest around the TV, and coordinate with the black of the TV screen. Adding a frame around your TV will also help it to blend in with your art gallery. Consider a fun colored frame to accent your TV or perhaps some aged wood pallets for a natural, rustic look.

Cover it Up

Not interested in using the TV all the time? Or, maybe you just aren’t a fan of looking at it? Try covering it up. Shutters, doors or decorative panels make great covers for TVs. This option is easiest if your TV is set in a recessed space, where a cover can be added without much work.

Suggestions from Eastpointe Interior Decorator on Incorporating a TV Into a Room

A TV doesn’t have to be an eyesore in a room. There are fun ways to incorporate, or hide your TV in your space. Want help finding the right spot for that television? Contact an Eastpointe  interior decorator, Patricia Interiors, for our design expertise and unique perspective.

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