Sterling Heights DesignerThe summer sunshine can beckon many homeowners to brighten the look of their rooms; they want to allow the light to flow wonderfully. Do you want the most exquisite, summer radiance in your home? Then there are a variety of things you can try to project warmth and welcome to guests. If you’re ready to see your home transformed into a breezy summer day, then consider these three interior design tips from Sterling Heights designer, Patricia Warner.

  1. Be Selective and Flexible With Your Colors

When we think about this time of year, bright colors usually come to mind first. There are many ways to customize color in an interior design, but since it’s subjective, you’ll want to make sure the selected colors compliment the entire home. Stick with bright colors so heat isn’t so easily absorbed inside your home. Darker colors like black, navy, and purple can make a room too warm and uncomfortable.

If you like to contrast with dark and light colors and think it’s the best way to complement the overall look of your home, you’re welcome to experiment. You can also contact a Sterling Heights interior designer for counseling on the matter. Each home is unique, so you’ll have the opportunity to change the color of furniture, walls, centerpieces, and more. Add swapping out just a few pillows for bright summery shades can make a big difference.

  1. Observe Summery Textures and Patterns

Summer encourages most of us to enjoy the outdoors. You may feel inclined to find furniture with wood textures and earthy tones or pillows and cushions with floral patterns. Summer interior design thrives on patterns and textures that reflect nature’s beauty. Luckily, this kind of design has an incredible range.

Some homes have a design that melds well with indoor plants and neutral earth tones. This is a common preference for owners that aren’t into very bright designs. For those who desire a good splash of color, floral, striped, and other trendy summer patterns are some ideas to consider.

Applying texture and pattern adds a sensation to your home that goes beyond sight. Similar to how nature brings smell, touch, and sound to its ambiance, interior design can parallel that with the right texture and pattern choices.

  1. Let in Some Natural Light

There are many types of lighting that can capture the right atmosphere in a home. For summer, though, natural light is an automatic winner. The natural illumination can liven a room, especially if it’s big and open. Smaller rooms can expand their space when there are features that reflect the light, like mirrors and glass.

No matter the size of your room, allowing natural light in your house may also encourage you to open a window for a refreshing breeze. If you happen to have a room that doesn’t allow a lot of natural light in, you can talk to a Sterling Heights interior designer about installing some ambient lighting.

Sterling Heights Designer Gives 3 Interior Design Tips That Capture the Warmth of Summer

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