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You know the saying, “Two is better than one”? Well, it applies to interior decorating just as much as it does to brownies. When it comes to interior design, there are a number of things that continue to stick around, and layering is one of them. Most often, when you look through your favorite home decorating magazines and you gush over beautiful designs, you may notice stunning rooms that feature furniture elements in pairs. This isn’t an accident and each of these spaces are carefully thought out and executed. St Clair designers suggest that the difference is the use of decorating in pairs.

There are good reasons why many St Clair designers choose to decorate in pairs, and here are a few of them:

  1. Pairs Add Symmetry

Symmetry is one of the main design components of interior decorating, and it can do a lot to create a sense of balance in a space. You can introduce symmetry in your home with two identical pieces of furniture, and placing them so they face each other from opposites sides of a room, or by placing them side by side. You don’t need to purchase ornate, high-end furniture pieces to make a wow-statement; the repetition of the pairs will be enough to make an impact.

  1. Pairs Visually Extend a Room

low-If you’re decorating a long sitting area for example, it makes the room seem even larger and more spacious when you place two coffee tables side by side rather than using only one in the center of the room. Designing in pairs will also help you to fill out a space if it has a large footprint. And when it comes to living rooms and sitting areas, you probably do a lot of your entertaining there so adding more furniture pieces to accommodate guests will make you happy you doubled up. Decorating in pairs also grows out a room and adds to its many functions. Rather than putting a single object in a corner, you can add two chairs to create a reading nook. St Clair designers credit decorating in pairs to be one of the best ways to make the most of your space and create eye-pleasing symmetry.

  1. Pairs Simplify a Design Scheme

While designing in pairs can extend a space, it can also limit the amount of furniture you need. While this may seem confusing since the very idea of designing in pairs is using more than one piece, it means that by choosing two of the same furniture pieces, you can take the guesswork out of coming up with other complementary design elements. If you feel overwhelmed when looking at a space in your home, designing in pairs will help to alleviate some of the stress and provide you with an easier foundation to work with. In addition to furniture, lighting accessories, and even rugs can be used in pairs.

In the end, there are plenty of reasons St Clair designers choose pairs, but the best of these reasons might not be what it does to the finished results of a design, but rather the fact that it makes the design process so much easier, low-stress, and fun!

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