Rochester Interior Designer Discusses Antiques

If you have just begun renovations on the interior of your Oakland County home, you have probably also begun searching for the perfect accent pieces to give your rooms that ‘wow’ factor. While color palettes and beautiful furniture will often do nicely, there is something extra special about having a piece of history placed on a mantle or side table to spruce up a space. If your intention is to create your dream home, then you undoubtedly want it to be one-of-a-kind and to speak to your personality.

Interior design doesn’t have to solely focus on fabrics and color schemes that fit the current trends. Antiques give your living room character, and can help jump start creativity and give your space the uniqueness you’re striving for.

Tell a Story Through Antiques

Having a recently renovated interior gives you a blank canvas to work with. The true look of your home is in your hands. If you are stuck in the idea phase of the redesign, a great direction to pursue is to tell a story. Having a set of antiques strategically placed throughout your home will give guests a very real sense of who you are, where you came from, and where you would like to go. Choosing meaningful rather than simply trendy pieces is a wonderful way to set your home apart from others.

Create an Atmosphere

Depending on which direction you take your interior design, the kinds of antiques that you place in your home can set the mood appropriately. In an office, for example, the use of maps and cartography pieces will create a more focused and studious mood. Try to acquire pieces that are roughly the same size as one another to enhance the sense of balance and harmony in your Oakland County home’s office. For a sleek dining room design, you might choose a set of ceramics along the wall to create a feature wall. A feature piece will stir conversation, and the dining room is the perfect place to chat.

Invest in History

By choosing to go with antique tables, armoires and décor, you are choosing to help preserve history. These pieces give a heightened sense of sophistication to any home. Proper staging of these pieces help create an individualized and multilayered room while reflecting the owner’s unique taste and personality. Depending on where you pick up these pieces of furniture, you are potentially investing in a table or desk that is 100 years old or older. Older pieces like this will give your home character, and you can often save money by renovating an older design to make it your own.

Choose Functional Room Décor

By investing in antiques such as clocks or tables, you are instantly creating functional one-of-a-kind interior design accompaniments in your Oakland County home. Hunting around for old working clocks or sturdy wooden tables can be tricky at times, but if you paw through flea markets and even pawn shops you’ll be surprised at the treasures you may find.

Do you Need a Rochester Interior Designer?

If you are looking to add antiques to your interior design project, but don’t know where to start, give Patricia Interiors a call today. We can help you select the perfect antiques to accent your home and compliment your style and personality.