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Your bedroom is likely the one room in your house that you do a little of everything in. You read, work, meditate, exercise, and of course sleep in your bedroom. When we are not at work, we spend the majority of our time at home in our bedroom. Knowing this, shouldn’t your bedroom be a peaceful retreat where you can get away, relax, and feel at home? Here are some tips and tricks to creating a peaceful bedroom.

Start with Color

The color that you paint your walls is going to set the mood for your bedroom. It will also help you determine accent colors and textures. When you are creating a peaceful space, select colors that are calm and serene. Popular bedroom colors are light blues and mossy greens. They are also easy to coordinate with a variety of accent colors. If blues and greens don’t feel like you, select colors that are muted such as tans, pale grays and light yellows. And avoid using bold colors like dark orange, red, and bright yellows. These colors promote activity and excitement. If you love the idea of wallpaper, choose a design with soft, dreamy shades and calming patterns.

Invest in Good Furniture

Since you will spend so much time in your bedroom, invest in good pieces of furniture and especially a quality mattress and foundation. According to the art of Feng Shui, having a headboard helps you to feel protected which may help you to fall into a peaceful sleep easier. Night stands, dressers and dressing should be classic and inviting, while also fitting your particular style. Bedroom furniture is an important and expensive investment, so make sure that the pieces you select will make you happy for more than a year or two. Instead of purchasing a matching headboard and footboard to your other furniture or an accent color, you may want to opt for a neutral, upholstered headboard that can easily change with your mood or color schemes.

The Right Light

Finding the right light is important to creating a peaceful and comfortable bedroom space. If your bedroom is multipurpose, serving as a place to read, work and sleep, you will probably want a couple of different lighting options. To achieve good lighting for work or reading, select a table lamp that uses no less than a 60-watt bulb, and has a good muting shade. This will give you plenty of light to work or read without being too bright or having not enough light to see comfortably. When you are getting ready to sleep, you will need to tone the light down. This can be done using wall sconces that create a gentle glow or by installing dimmers on existing overhead lights or table lamps.

The Details

The rest of your bedroom decorations are the little details that make the space cozier. Soft fabrics and a variety of fabric textures make your bed a soothing place to relax. Add soft pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes for visual interest and to give a plush, cloud like feel. Don’t over decorate your bedroom, however. Clutter can be stressful and overwhelming to the senses, which isn’t the type of environment you want to relax in. Keep it simple with good furniture, a cozy bed, and with minimal extra pieces.

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Your bedroom should be the sanctuary where you start and end your day on the best possible note. Decorate it to reflect the experience you want to feel every day. If you are looking for a Rochester Hills interior designer, Patricia Interior Designs can help you design the perfect, peaceful bedroom space. Contact us today at: (586) 739-0080 and speak with a design professional.