How Often Should You Change Your Window Treatments

Drapery Designer Near MeYour curtains and window treatments are probably one of the simplest ways to update your home’s interior. Not only are they a quick update, but they can be a relatively low cost update as well. With that said, not many people think about their curtains and window coverings when they are thinking about updating a room or their home’s interior decorations. It’s easy to pick curtains that are a neutral color and just leave them up, all the time. Changing curtains can be a matter of necessity or just a fun way to update a room.

Seasonal Changes

There was a time when swapping out curtains was a regular task. And if you ask them, many of our parents and grandparents remember a time when their moms did this at least twice a year. If you are looking for a way to manage your heating and air conditioning bills, swapping your window treatments in the spring and in the fall is a great way to help. Heavier curtains in the winter will keep the cold out and the heat in. In the summer you may want lighter curtains, but ones that are darker colored to shade your rooms when the sun is at its hottest.

Age and Cleanliness

This is a great reason to change your curtains and window coverings. If you haven’t replaced your curtains for a number of years, you may not notice it, but they are probably not in the best condition and they probably aren’t very clean. Yes, you can have your curtains cleaned, but over time they will start to look worn, and the colors will fade from constant sunlight. Dirty, faded window treatments can really diminish the look of your room.

Stay in Fashion

Maybe you don’t want to change out your window coverings every season, but you don’t like to keep your rooms looking the same for an extended period of time. You might like the idea of switching out your window coverings as a way of keeping your home’s interior décor up-to-date. Just like with clothing and furniture, window treatment styles do change, and if you are keeping your furniture, fixtures and décor details on trend, you don’t want to forget about your window treatments. Even if you have selected window treatments that are neutral in both color and style, new ones can make a big difference in the way your room looks.


Some clients really like to decorate for the holidays. If you want to coordinate your window treatments to your holiday décor, this may be another reason to change or update your window treatments. This is a great way to tie together all your furniture and regular décor with all of your holiday decorations.

No matter whether you are changing window treatments to help with energy efficiency, or you love to decorate for the holidays, one thing to keep in mind, is that your window treatments need to be cleaned and properly stored when you take them down. This will protect them from damage or from becoming wrinkled and messy looking.

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