Mood & Room Color: How They Work Together in Your Home

Oakland County Interior Designer Discusses Room Color

Have you ever been to a home that had incredible curb appeal, but had a particularly drab interior? Do you remember how you felt after leaving each room? It probably wasn’t an overall positive feeling.

Or maybe you went into a home and just felt “connected” to it. The décor and its configuration worked wonderfully and the colors were spectacularly placed.

This phenomenon is not uncommon with interior design. The colors you choose for your home’s rooms need to fit the space they’re being put in. And these decisions are a fundamental beginning step for those who are redecorating. Here are some things to consider when you decide to make a change.

Choose Colors Based on Feel, Not Trend

When undertaking your Oakland County interior decorating job, you need to have some understanding of how the colors affect people psychologically. Certain colors in certain rooms will change the way a person feels, and you have a great chance to make that fact work in your favor.

You need to decide on the mood you want to create in each room. For example, you may want to go with a warmer color for your dining room and kitchen. Warm colors are perfect for places where food is prepared and enjoyed because they tend to energize the people within those spaces. Deeper, earthy shades tend to relax people more, so they would work better in a living space or bedroom.

Choosing a trendy color pallete may work for today, but it may not work in three years, or even one year from now. Trends change so rapidly these days that it is more important to choose colors that you love and encourage the kind of feelings you wish to evoke; rather than trying to keep up with the Jones’s.

Room Tones that Work Wonders

If you are looking to find that perfect room tone for your Oakland County interior design project, there are some tried and true combinations that will give the rooms in your home the feel you are looking for. There are three ways colors behave: actively, passively, and neutrally. Depending on how you desire your rooms to feel, these actions will be able to give you the direction you’re looking for.

Here are some examples of colors that work particularly well in certain rooms. Red is an energetic color and is perfect for stimulating conversation. This is a tone that works well in dining rooms. Blue is a very relaxing color and is perfect for bedrooms. Green is said to be a restful color and can essentially go in any room you desire in your home.

You can give your home’s interior the distinction and feel you desire by having certain hues of these colors bouncing around rooms to encourage each changing mood.

Hire an Experienced Oakland County Interior Designer

If you would like some help with your decorating projects, contact an Oakland County interior designer. Patricia Interiors can help you decide on the colors to place in each space, and can assist you in picking out the furniture and décor to complete your vision.