Oakland County home decoratingIf you are standing in your living room or bedroom and are wondering what is missing, chances are, a great rug might be the answer. When considering Oakland County home decorating, area rugs are the finishing touch many rooms need to really tie everything together and make the room feel more comfortable and livable. A rug can anchor a room, define it, add warmth, and boost the overall décor.

Oakland County home decorating: nine tips to consider when decorating with a rug

1. Define an Area.
An area rug can be used to define or separate areas, like seating, dining, or foyers. Rugs can really make a different in studio apartments to separate each of the spaces, as well as large rooms that need definition.

2. Create Variety.
Rugs are great accessories for adding variation in a space. They can provide complementing yet contrasting colors and patterns to break up the monotony of a room. Consider using a couple of different sized rugs in a space to create a sense of variety.

3. Create Harmony.
If you do decide to layer a couple of rugs in a room, be sure they complement each other’s style. This doesn’t mean they have to be the same color or pattern, but instead fall within the same style or color family to avoid a look of randomness.

4. Use as a Foundational Color Scheme.
A favorite old or new rug you just purchased can act as the basis for the color scheme you use in a room. You can pick up some of the hues in the rug pattern and use them in other accessories throughout a space to tie the theme together.

5. You can Tone Down or Up When Needed.
Since a rug is a great anchoring piece, it can easily tone down a room if you already have elaborate upholstery, wallpaper, or window treatments. On the other hand, if you have more subdued and neutral walls and furniture, a playful or bold rug can add visual interest.

6. Create a Focal Point.
A rug is a great tool for creating one of the top design basics: a focal point. Every room can benefit from having an area that draws the eye and grounds it. This is often a large sofa with an area rug. Rugs can also create contrast against your walls when their accent colors contain the same hue.

7. Use it as a Wall Accessory.
An amazing rug you found on a trip abroad, or a great antique shop, can make for a wow-factor wall hanging. Especially if it is old and delicate, handing a rug on a wall is a great way to use it without worrying about damaging it. And, it provides a unique alternative to traditional framed artwork and pictures.

8. Don’t be Afraid of Shapes.
A rug doesn’t have to be the typical square or rectangle shape; instead, there are many varieties to consider like oval, hexagon, and round. Let the way you group your furniture decide the shape of your rug, rather than going with typical choices. This is the best way to complement the furniture and arrangements you already have and love.

9. A Rug is an Easy Update.
When you don’t want to paint a wall to freshen up a space, changing out the rug and pillows is an easy and totally effective way to make a room look completely different.

There are many ways to use area rugs in your Oakland County home decorating, and they are one of the best ways to freshen a space, add dimension, and balance your décor without much effort. Call Call Patricia Interiors at: 586.739.0080 for more ideas today.