Need Help With Your Kitchen Redesign in Oakland County?

Oakland County Interior Designer Discusses Kitchens

The kitchen of any home can be considered a central meeting place for any family. The dinner table is usually adjacent, and people want to be around where the food is prepared. It’s one of the busiest rooms in any home, and eventually it will need some kind of restoration.

Redesigning your kitchen is never an easy task. With appliances, tiling, and cabinetry to consider, the project can be a little overwhelming at times. There is nothing to fear when redesigning your Oakland County kitchen. With years of interior design behind us, we would like to offer you some helpful tips on how to execute a proper kitchen redesign.


When you are planning your new kitchen, you will have to take a step back to assess where the kitchen is located within your Oakland County home. Designing your kitchen to be far away from an entry to the garage or front door could be troublesome for those carrying groceries or trash. Being in proximity to the garage entryway or “mud room” will make these trips that much easier while reducing the amount of traffic. This hallway buffer between your kitchen and garage will also make storage space for coats and boots while keeping these items out of the cooking and eating area.

The Cooking Triangle

In every kitchen you’ve had the pleasure of knowing, you have experienced the cooking or work triangle. The three points are the sink, range, and refrigerator workstations. Having knowledge of where you want each to be (or where each needs to be) can help you creatively arrange your kitchen and create the layout you want to work within.

There are 3 basic design layouts that work in kitchens. There is the U-shaped layout, which creates a triangular path from sink to fridge to range; the I-shaped layout, which has one element on one wall and 2 on the other; and the galley layout, which has all three laid-out on one wall.


The sink, fridge, and range all need a set amount of floor and counter space for each to work their best. There should be ample counter space to put food or dishes on, and the floor should allow enough space for the oven, fridge and dishwasher to open without touching cupboards or other doors. The sink should be underneath a window, a design found often in Oakland County. Designers usually place the sink first and work the design out from there. The range should be placed against an exterior wall so as to install an effective ventilation system.


Having ample storage is essential in the kitchen. There should be enough space for plates, silverware, cups, cutting boards, cooking utensils, and other kitchen items you may need to use. Glasses should be stored near the sink, while pots and pans could be placed in lower drawers or in the rack on the stove. This will save the user from having to take heavy pots and pans down from higher shelving units.

Food storage is important to remember as well. Make sure not to place anything affected by warmth above the cook top. Pasta and rice are examples of things you could easily store above the stove. This is also a good place for spices and cooking timers.

Need Help With Your Kitchen Redesign in Oakland County?

Kitchen redesign is fairly simple when you put your mind to it. If you are looking for some help with your Oakland County kitchen redesign, give Patricia Interiors a call today.