Patricia Interiors can create an interesting room with color and balance, even if the room is architecturally uninteresting. Color is one of the essential elements to a great design. It not only needs to be applied to walls in a fashionable manner, but must work well with all other elements in the room, such as; furniture and window treatments. Unless the client wants a monochromatic look, one color, close attention needs to be taken when choosing complimentary colors in order to create a comfortable feel to the room.

Interior Design Oakland County

Interior Design Process

Patricia begins each project with a consultation. This process usually takes around 90 minutes. At this time, the client is personally interviewed on their perception of what they would like their space to look like. Casual, semi-casual, traditional or eclectic, which is a mix of different textures and styles. I listen to my client’s needs, and then ask what is their life style. Are they single and do they like to entertain a lot. Do they have small children and need well-constructed non- fussy furniture that will hold up in a family type atmosphere. Or possibly, children are gone and it’s time for a little more formal space.

Once the interviewing process is complete, our team will discuss options for a design that will meet the needs of the client. Drawings, textiles, and color are displayed on a presentation board in order for our client to see all the elements that we are planning for their project. At this time, the designer, along with the client, will have the opportunity to possibly add or eliminate certain textures or colors to complete our design lay out.

Next, the designer begins the project by selecting different items that will work well in the space. Precise measures must be taken at this time to assure accuracy of size of the furniture and accessories. The window treatment measures are one of the most important measures, and because our staff specializes in this area, the client can feel comfortable with a well thought out finished window treatment.

After all materials have been selected then the project is installed in the client’s home or office with a smooth transition. We pride ourselves on an “on time” schedule of production for each project. This is necessary in order to complete several projects that our designers are working on though out the year.

It is our goal to create a comfortable, pleasing living space by combining our clients existing furnishings with new items.