Decorating with White

Interior Designer: Decorating with WhiteWhite just may be the perfect decorating color. It has a place on walls, furniture, floors and accent pieces. If you are looking for a clean look, a classic look, love county décor, or have a contemporary home interior, white will work for your decorating plans. However, white can be challenging to decorate with as well. Too much white can leave a room feeling overly sterile and make it feel uninviting, and white in the wrong room can lead to a cleaning disaster. Looking to use white in your interior design? Here are a few ways we can help you use this incredibly versatile medium.

Works in Any Style

Depending on the style of your home and your preferred style for decorating, some colors just don’t work. For example, pastels aren’t great if your home has a strong, structured modern style. On the flip side, pastels are great for more ornate styles like French provincial. The same is not true for white. White is the perfect color for every style. It’s a beautiful and elegant base for traditional and country decorating, and gives a stark and clean base for structured modern styles.

Makes Wood Look Great

If you have beautiful wood furniture, floors or accent pieces, you will be amazed at how great they look paired with bright white walls. Using colors on your walls can sometimes compete with the beauty of your wood furniture. And in some cases, especially if you are painting with dark colors, your beautiful wood furniture can seem hidden against your walls. Wood furniture is a big investment for your home, especially if you have taken the time to find antique or unique pieces. If you want to showcase these beautiful pieces of furniture, floors or accent pieces, consider keeping your painting scheme simple, and start with white walls.

Show Your True Colors

If you love a particular color and want to incorporate it in your space, but don’t want it to be the base color, pair it with white. Whether that means white walls or beautiful white furniture, colors will seem more vibrant and stand out better against a white background. Bright jewel tones do great with white. They are colors you don’t want too much of in your room, but which can create an amazing splash of fun and excitement in a room when they are pillows on a white couch or vibrant blankets against clean white bedroom linens. White is also a great background for showing off the vibrant greens of your house plants!

Great Back Drop for Art

Whether you have beautiful paintings, funky modern art, or groovy pop art, white is an amazing way to bring attention to your art. White walls make your art the centerpiece of a room, without distraction. Keeping your wall simple and allowing your art to bring color to your space is an easy way to coordinate all of the pieces in your room.

White is a great way to make a room look clean, fresh and bright. It’s also a great way to keep your decorating simple while bringing attention to the things in your room that really matter. Whether your style is classic, country or modern, white is the perfect color for decorating.

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