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Just like clothing, decorating trends will change from year to year. In 2016, home decorating trends included copper and marble accents, artwork with quotes and accent walls and furniture pieces in navy or midnight blue. If you want to keep your home up-to-date with the most recent decorating trends, here are some 2017 trends provided by a Huntington Woods interior designer.

Natural Materials

In 2016, the popular accent materials were copper and marble. Including copper pots in your kitchen, copper accent pieces in your living spaces and marble counter tops for bathrooms and the kitchen. For 2017, the trending materials are more soft and organic. Instead of hard materials like copper and marble, decorators are using terracotta tiles and cork. Terracotta is a perfect material for accent walls in bathrooms or for a natural looking fireplace. Cork is great for sound proofing, so it will be popular for walls in offices and playrooms, or any place where it can be both fashionable and functional.

Soft Headboards

In your bedroom, the theme of softer materials carries through. The furniture trend for 2016’s bedrooms were all about the wood, rustic headboard and furniture. In 2017, keep the rustic accent pieces, but for your bed, switch out that wood headboard for a soft, upholstered headboard. The great part about upholstered headboards is that they create a warm, comfortable feeling and come in a variety of colors, so you don’t have to change your linens, if you don’t want to.


In 2017, there will be a big surge toward repurposing older pieces. If you are one of those people that loves to shop in vintage stores, antique stores and funky thrift stores, you’ve probably felt out of sorts the last few years with the popular decorating trends focusing on new, more modern styled furniture. This year, take time to shop for unique vintage pieces, but don’t go overboard. Use them strategically to bring focus to your room. One or two smaller but quality items will add interest to your space and still keep it modern and fresh.

Color, Color, Color

The color palette for 2017 is quite different than what we saw in 2016. Accent colors for 2016 were more muted and neutral. Pinks, blues and neutral tones were the basis of the color palette for this year. For 2017, think bold and vibrant when selecting accent colors. The base colors for 2017 will remain the same, warm neutral tones of tans, greys and browns. However, this year your accent colors will include dark greens, bright yellows and jewel tones. For a unique look, select a loveseat or block chair in a vibrant purple or deep green. These colors will bring interest to your space and a splash of fun color to your room without having to buy all new furniture or repaint all of your rooms.

Need to Hire a Huntington Woods Interior Designer ?

Decorating trends for 2017 have a little something for everyone. If you didn’t love the hard, modern elements of 2016, you will love the soft, natural colors and materials that will be popular in 2017. If you are ready to update your space, the Huntington Woods interior designers at Patricia Interiors are here to assist you with your decorating needs. For more information or to schedule a home visit, please call us at (586) 739-0080.

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