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With the holiday season upon us, many people love to turn their homes into a wonderland of holiday festivity and joy. Sometimes, however, the decorating can take a turn for the worse and become a wonderland of chaos and clutter. If you’ve taken the time and spent the money to have an Auburn Hills interior designer help you design your home so that it is a beautiful retreat, you should take some time to decorate for the holidays so that the wonderland you create is just as amazing as your everyday space. Here are some thoughts for how to create an elegant and beautiful holiday space.

Keep it Simple

Holiday decorating doesn’t mean that every nook and cranny in your home needs to be filled with Santa, trees, ornaments and decorations. Sometimes the most beautiful spaces come from keeping the decorations simple and minimal. Find a way to incorporate decorations into your existing décor. This may mean a festive blanket, some evergreen swags on railings or a row of nut crackers on your mantle. You can even replace some of your everyday decorations with fun holiday figures. More doesn’t always mean better. Keeping your decorations simple and minimal can be just as festive as a lot of stuff.

Pick a Color

This is a great way to coordinate your decorations, instead of having a jumble of ideas. Pick a color scheme that works for your existing décor colors. For example, if your space is full of whites and grays, decorations in blues and silvers will coordinate well with your existing colors. If your home is full of warm, earth tones such as browns and tans, you may want to consider the traditional red and green color scheme. Don’t forget to carry this into your interior and exterior lighting. The most elegant lighting is usually simple and sticks with a single color. If you aren’t sure about what color lights to use, plain clear lights go with every color scheme and look elegant no matter the space.

Pick a Theme

This goes along with keeping things simple. Many people have a mix of typical holiday themes including Santa figurines, reindeer, snowmen, nutcrackers, gingerbread men, doves, and the list goes on and on. To keep things looking great and to minimize the chaos, pick a character. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your whole home should be just Santa or just snowmen, but it does mean that you should keep things together. And this also doesn’t mean that you have to go with the typical cheesy characters. Your holiday theme could simply be greenery. Think evergreen wreaths and swags. A color scheme of white and green is simple and yet very elegant and romantic.

Holiday decorating should coordinate with your space and make it feel not only warm and inviting but it should also create that festive feeling that we all long for during the holidays. Keeping your decorations minimal, coordinating with your existing décor, and keeping the like items together will make your home that holiday wonderland that you have been dreaming about all year long.

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