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For most Grosse Pointe homeowners, the easy parts of decorating a room are paint, furniture and the little details. What becomes trickier for many homeowners is selecting the right window treatment. There are so many options to choose from, from shades and blinds to curtains. With so many different styles and textures, it can be a daunting task to find the right treatment for your space. Here are some helpful hints to make picking the right window treatments for your space an easy decision.

Function First

Of course you want your window treatments to be attractive and look great in your space, but if they don’t meet the function of the space, they won’t be a good addition to your room. As you are selecting curtains or other treatments, think about what you need from your space. Do you need it to be dark like a home theater or a bedroom? Do you want to have filtered light for a soft but warm glow? Is it important for your window coverings to help keep out the cold of Michigan’s winters? Having answers to these questions gives you a good starting place for picking the right curtain, shade, or blind. If you need a dark space or want your window coverings to keep a room warm in the winter, thick fabrics or a lined curtain is your answer. If you want to have a bit of privacy, but still want to enjoy natural light, sheer shades and curtains would be a perfect solution for your space. Let function guide you along the first steps of selecting your window coverings.

What is the Mood?

Now that you know what function you want your window coverings to serve, you can start working with setting the mood of the room. Setting the mood means selecting textures, colors and details that fit with the style of the room. If you have a sleek, modern space selecting simple, sleek, modern shades or simple curtains will fit your space best. If you are decorating a living space in one of Michigan’s old Victorian homes, then selecting curtains that have more traditional details and textures will add to the antique charm of your home.

Curtains may not be your style or fit with the mood or function of your space. In that case, you may want to select a simpler and versatile window treatment like Roman shades or cellular blinds. Both of these options come in fabrics and textures to meet a variety of room functions and moods. If you need help setting the mood of your room, a Grosse Pointe interior designer will be able to help you with this. 

The Details

The last thing to consider when selecting window treatments is the details. For example, a decorative curtain rod can add simple elegance to a window. If you have an amazing view, you may want to add decorative tie-backs to your curtains to create a “frame” for your view. If your space is functional like a kitchen or bathroom and you’ve selected cellular blinds or a Roman shade, consider a valance to hide the mechanics of your shades, and add a little bit of style to your room.

Looking for a Grosse Pointe Interior Designer?

Window treatments don’t have to be a scary decorating task. With help from a Grosse Pointe interior designer, designing the perfect space with the perfect window coverings can be a fun and simple adventure. The design experts at Patricia Interiors can help you with all of your decorating needs. 

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