How We Get You the Perfect Room Layout

Furniture Layout - Interior Design MichiganFurniture is an important part of making every room in your home a comfortable and beautiful space. Whether we are helping you pick out the perfect pieces of furniture, helping you select fabrics, or arranging your furniture in your space, it’s our job to help you create the home interior of your dreams. Furniture layout is an easy way to bring new life to a room and create a functional space. When we are helping you design the perfect room, here’s how we decide on furniture layout.

Inventory Furniture

The first thing that we do, when we are planning the perfect furniture layout is to make an inventory of all of your furniture and measure it. This will allow us to make accurate plans and place furniture where it will fit and look best. It’s also important to know what pieces you want in the room we are working on, so that we can accommodate them within the room. We may not use all of the pieces that you want, but knowing what we have to work with is a helpful, first step.

Measure the Room

Once we know what furniture you want in a room, we will take measurements of the space. We will use these measurements and create an accurate drawing of your room. We may use graph paper, or a computer program to develop a scale model of the room, including all relative features such as windows, doors and other room features and use this model to create a variety of furniture layout options.

Creating a Functional Floor Plan

There are a few questions that we ask as we are developing the floor plan for your rooms.

  1. What are the room’s traffic patterns? This is important because it allows us to place furniture in a way that won’t cause people moving through the space to trip over furniture. Creating a natural flow through the room and around furniture is important to making a room that you want to be in. If you always feel like you’re tripping over something, your furniture is probably not in the right place.
  2. What is the focus of the room? This question helps us determine what you want your eye to land on first, when you come into the room. This can be a fireplace, a beautiful sofa, or a big picture window. Whatever the detail, it’s important that we arrange the furniture in your room around this focal point.
  3. Do we have enough? If you have a large room with only a few pieces of furniture, we may want to consider a few more pieces. Or if you are working with a small space and a lot of furniture, we may want to move a few pieces into another room. It’s important to have a room that is well filled, but not cluttered.

Start Arranging

The last thing we do to get your furniture in the right place is to create a few designs and present them to you. We want you to be happy with how your space is arranged, so taking the three questions we’ve presented, we create a few layouts that will work with your room. Once you’ve decided what you like, we help you place your furniture, so that it’s comfortable, easy to move through, and centered on that one focal point.

For More Information Furniture Room Layout And Our Interior Design Services 

Furniture layout isn’t always a straight forward task. To get it right, many people need expert advice. The professionals at Patricia Interiors have experience with all sizes, shapes and styles of rooms, to help you plan the perfect space. If you need help with designing your home’s interior, please call us today for a consultation.