Designing Your Tiny House

Tiny Home Interior Design - MichiganTiny houses. The latest in living and home trends. It seems like no matter where you look, someone is talking about how amazing tiny houses are, and what a great way they are to creating a minimal lifestyle. With so many people in Michigan giving up their full size homes for the freedom of tiny house living, it’s time to look at how interior design services can benefit your tiny home, making it the most functional and attractive space possible.

Functional Design from the Ground Up

It is never too soon to bring in an interior designer for your tiny house build. Whether you are building your home from scratch, or you are working with a prefabricated shell, it pays to have someone help with the functional design of your space. Tiny homes can be incredibly efficient spaces, or if done wrong, can be completely nonfunctional. One of the key features of tiny houses are multi-functional features. This means benches, tables, beds, and cabinets should all have more than one job. To make the most of these features, an interior designer can suggest places where storage makes sense, and they can help you find cabinetry that will be the most functional and provide good organization. Interior designers are a great asset when you are looking to make the most out of your space.

Help with Flow

Just like when you are building a full size house, a tiny house needs to flow from space to space, naturally. One of the skills that you should utilize an interior designer for, is making your tiny home flow naturally. Yes, you probably want to set your kitchen away from your bathroom, but how does your kitchen work with your sleeping areas or your living and working spaces? Poorly designed tiny home interiors can make living in a small space, seem even smaller.

Get the Right Colors

Color makes a big difference in a tiny house. An interior designer can help you select colors that will give your tiny home the right atmosphere. The right colors will also keep your tiny home bright, and if done right, make your small space feel larger than it is. Combine this with a well thought out flow and functional design features, and you are close to having a perfect tiny home.

The Right Details

Your tiny home should have features and details that make the space unique to you. As you are downsizing from a regular home to a tiny home, we can help you select the items from your house that will fit well in your tiny house, and will make your tiny house feel like home. Perhaps this means family photos, wall art or knick-knacks that are important to you.

Tiny Furniture

Yes, you are going to need new furniture in your tiny home. What isn’t built in, incorporating useful storage, needs to be both small and comfortable. Finding the right furniture to go in your tiny home can be challenging. As your interior designer, we can help you find small furniture pieces that will fit well in your space, fit your design style and also be comfortable. Because you are creating a home, even if it is a tiny one, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style and comfort for smaller pieces.

Whether you need help designing a tiny home, or are building your first full size home, an interior designer is a great person to have on hand, from start to finish. We can help you make the most of every space, and create not only a functional and useful home, but also one that fits your style. Patricia Interiors has been creating beautiful living spaces for Michigan homeowners since 1985. Let us help you create your perfect space. For more information or to schedule an interior design estimate, please call us today at (586) 739-0080.