Decorating with Beautiful Fabrics

Interior Design - Decorating With FabricsWhen it comes to selecting custom fabric for your home, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the choices. There are so many types of fabrics, colors, textures and uses for beautiful fabrics in your home, that without the help of a professional designer, you could find yourself lost in a sea of fabric. When we are helping our clients find beautiful custom fabrics for their interior spaces, there are lots of things we consider.

Décor Purpose

Before we start selecting fabrics for your space, we consider what their purpose will be. Are we reupholstering a chair or sofa? Do you need custom window treatments? Or are we creating some beautiful accent pieces such as table cloths, runners or pillows? The purpose of the piece makes a big difference in the types of fabric we chose. Drapery fabrics need to hold up to sunlight without fading. Sofas and chairs need to have a durable fabric that can handle any amount of wear and tear. Table cloths and pillows should be easy to clean. When working with our clients helping them to select fabrics, this is one of the most important things we need to know.


Fabrics for window treatments can be tricky. Often times our clients have visions of beautiful silks and linens for their window treatments. These fabrics are beautiful and add elegance to your space, but it’s important to remember that natural fabrics aren’t always the best for holding pigments. Silks and linens can fade, leaving your window treatments looking worn and lifeless. Solutions for keeping drapery fabrics from fading include using synthetic fabrics or lining your window treatments with a durable fabric that will protect the colors.

Color and Texture

The great thing about using custom fabrics in your home’s décor is that there are so many options to choose from. There is an endless array of colors and patterns to choose from. If you have a color in mind or a particular detail in your room you want to match, we can find coordinating fabrics in the same color or tone. Beautiful, colorful fabrics can bring life to your space by adding eye popping accents and custom upholstered furniture.


Location is a very important part of selecting custom fabrics. Not every fabric works for every room. Sunny rooms do best with fabrics that hold their pigments well. Leather is sensitive to heat and moisture, so it shouldn’t be used in a sun-room or exterior spaces. If you have children or pets, it’s probably a good idea to avoid light colors in spaces where food and heavy traffic can stain your furniture or fabric accents. If the space we are working in will have heavy traffic (a family room, kitchen or rec room) it’s also important that we help you find easy to clean and durable fabric choices.

Fabrics are an important part of creating a beautiful, inviting home. A professional interior designer can help you through every consideration for selecting the perfect fabrics, whether you are in need of custom window coverings or have a couch or chair that needs an upgrade. You don’t have to struggle through the endless choices when you hire an interior designer.

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