5 Small Décor Changes That Can Make a Big Impact in Your Rochester Hills Home

decor-ideas-interior-designer-rochester-hills-mi-2Do you want to give a room in your Rochester Hills home a fresh look but you don’t have the time, money, or other resources to spend on a full redesign? No problem! There are many small changes you can make that give a space a whole new look that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

1.    Create Scale

Many of the most stylish and impactful rooms have one thing in common: they have played with scale. Although this word may sound like a big and overwhelming change, it can be accomplished very simply and easily. You may choose to add an oversized lamp, a large indoor tree, or a large overhead light fixture. The trick is to use minimal effort to create a dramatic effect.

2.    Frame Artwork

This doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy some expensive art from your local gallery. If you have a drawer full of your children’s artwork, a cool drawing or print from the past, or newspaper clippings from a special day, framing the artwork and mementos you already own is a great way to add some “pop” to your walls.

3.    Rearrange Furniture

One of the best ways to refresh a space is to go shopping in your own home. Simply rearranging the things you already own and use is a great way to breathe new life in a space. And it doesn’t cost anything! Move the couch to another wall, or create a vignette of furniture to immediately change the way you view and use a room. Adjusting the furniture in a way that makes it easy to look at and talk to other people is a great way to encourage quality time.

4.    Add Some Greenery

There is nothing more refreshing than a pop of greenery from a plant or indoor tree. They act like a breath of fresh air to a space and add some color at the same time. You can fill a large vase with some branches or choose a more unique approach by hanging a staghorn fern on a wall.

5.    Add a Pop of Color

Doing something as simple as adding a colorful pillow can instantly change the look of a space. Your eye will be drawn to a bright hue and it will change the way the room is viewed. Other ideas include painting a wooden chair a bright color, or switching up the curtains to add some color and contrast.

Contact a Rochester Hills Interior Designer

You don’t need to spend a fortune to completely reinvent your space and give it a fresh vibe. If you need some help using your own items to redecorate, contact an interior designer in Oakland County. Interior decorators don’t only decorate empty spaces; they can also come in and use their design eye to shuffle around the items and furniture you already own to give you some fresh perspective.

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