Creating a Good Base for Holiday Decorating

Interior Design Ideas for the Holidays We noticed the other day that the local stores are already putting out Halloween decorations and candy. The funny thing about this is that we started realizing that some of our friends, family and even our clients LOVE to decorate for Halloween. It seems like it’s one of those holidays that people love to decorate for. Some of our clients really love to decorate for every holiday and every season. So when they come to us looking for help with their base interior design, we try to help them come up with a home décor that fits their style, but at the same time, allows them to decorate their home without a mishmash of colors and textures.

Wall Colors

You have a bit of versatility with wall colors if you love to decorate for holidays. We don’t think that white is your only option, unless you love white. When you are selecting wall colors for the spaces that you regularly decorate for the holidays, you definitely want to consider colors that are neutral. Maybe you love the color blue, but if you love decorating for Halloween and the fall, blue might be hard to work with. If you want color, we think that reds and purples are nice choices, because they work well with most holidays. Of course, keeping colors simple and giving your space a base of white, cream or tan ensures that you will have no problem coordinating for every holiday.


The same theory applies for fabrics as applies with color choices. Simple is generally better if you like to change décor for holidays and seasons. Your decorations should take center stage when you are entertaining for Halloween or Christmas, not your furniture or window treatments. When you are selecting furniture and fabrics for curtains, select fabrics that are neutral in color and have simple textures and patterns. Stripes are great, especially when they are in a beige, taupe or cream, but extravagant floral patterns may be difficult to coordinate with. Combining busy patterns with holiday decorations can also make your space seem cluttered, so keep your fabric choices simple to avoid a room that is too busy.


Follow the theme of basic is better when you are selecting furniture to go with your holiday décor. If decorating for holidays is important to you, fancy furniture may detract from your holiday decorations. While ornate furniture may match well with old fashioned Christmas decorations and even cute Easter décor, it may not go so well with spooky Halloween decorations. Simple furniture selections are always a great idea for most spaces, but don’t be afraid to add in those heirloom pieces that have been part of your family for many years, or those funky modern chairs that you love. These pieces will work just fine with your holiday decorating.

Soon, the holiday season will be upon us. If you are like so many others and love to decorate for Halloween, Christmas and every holiday and season in between, we can help you find the right interior design that will work well with all of your seasonal decorations, but still keep your home feeling comfortable and elegant.

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