Clinton Township Interior DesignerBooks are a trendy décor element right now and they can add a lot of character and interest to a space in an inexpensive way that feels cozy. But without the right design tips or storage space, having too many books around can make your space feel cluttered. And that clutter can disrupt the flow of a room. With some tips from a Clinton Township interior designer, you’ll have a place for your books that will give you and any guests more room to breathe. Don’t hesitate to try out these tips to make your mind knowledgeable in interior aesthetics.

  1. Hardcover Books Make Beautiful Props and Center Pieces

For the group of bookworms that like the look of a classic hardcover book, you probably love the way they look on your shelves, the appearance of their texture, and even their smell. But, if you’re not using them frequently, why not add them as a feature that props up a sculpture or a lamp on your nightstand? You can also try using them as a centerpiece for your kitchen or living room table. The important thing to consider here is to make sure the colors of the books meld with the scheme of your room. You don’t want your books to clash with the room, but rather blend with the atmosphere. Books can be very elegant and classic, but they can also look hodge-podge if they aren’t used correctly for design purposes.

  1.     Add New Shelves to Decrease Clutter

Clearing up the clutter on your shelf is a must. However, if you just transfer that clutter to another area of your home, then what’s the point? Perhaps it’s time to look into getting new shelves. Adding a new bookshelf to a room used frequently can project your personality in areas of the home that seem bleak or empty. Not only do you decrease clutter, but you also add an interesting design piece in itself. If you feel that empty space can have more use than being covered by a bookshelf, then let’s think outside the box.

  1. Built-In Shelves and Nooks Add Sleek, Aesthetic Design

Simple shelves may not be your style. How about having a built-in shelf merge with an empty wall? This is the perfect way to handle walls that are more complicated to design for. When space is limited, sometimes you have to get creative. It may involve a bit more work, but the end result is worth it. If you’ve always fantasized about having a nook, why not look into adding a built-in bookshelf with a seating area next to a window? The natural light will be the perfect place to settle down with a book. You can also have a new bookshelf installed above a fireplace, above your stairs, or even alongside your doorway. The options are endless if you want to give your home a classic, cozy feel that is also elegant and evokes expensive, custom taste.

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