Bringing Retro Style to Your Macomb County Home

Retro Interior Design Ideas - Macomb County, MIRetro style interior decorating is becoming increasingly popular with many of our clients. The retro style generally incorporates design features from a few different eras, or can grab small design features from one era that you find particularly interesting. For many people who incorporate retro features into their interior design, their inspiration comes from the funky and modern stylings of the 1950s through the 1970s. These eras were known for their futuristic and unique takes on furniture, wall coverings, and fixtures. Today, these features are making a comeback in homes as new takes on retro classics. If you love a modern feel for your Macomb County home, retro style is a great way to add a fun touch to your interior design.

Be Subtle

Let’s start with this important directive for retro decorating. Don’t go overboard with loud wall art, futuristic furniture and loud patterns. A great modern room should incorporate the retro style with other modern features. Consider smaller prints for wall coverings or furniture upholstery, limit the big patterns to smaller walls or furniture features and combine bright funky colors with neutral colors that balance out the loud and the elegant. Muted variations of the bold retro colors or pastels will also help your retro space feel more modern and less like a trip back in time.

Bold Patterns

Bold patterns and bright colors are a hallmark of retro style. If you truly enjoy having big patterns and bold colors, and you want your space to reflect the style of a particular era, consider keeping your color palate to a couple of colors. Carry the bold patterns into your window coverings and coordinating textiles like throw pillows, blankets and rugs. This is an easy way to incorporate the bold, bright colors and patterns of the retro style, without the long term commitment. When you are ready for a change, you can easily swap out textiles, while hanging on to your great modern furniture.

Retro Lines, Modern Features

Just because you love retro style in your home décor, doesn’t mean that you need to search garage sales and thrift stores for great modern or retro styled furniture. Select modern, up-to-date furniture that is styled with retro lines and features. Great ideas for retro styled features include rounded seating including armchairs and couches. Big, round light fixtures make a great retro statement. For a futuristic look, try sloping plastic chairs that will give your room a space-age feel. If you do feel like searching through garage sales and thrift stores, don’t forget to update your retro finds with clean, new upholstery.

Modern Minimalism

Another option for a great retro feel is sleek, minimalistic furniture. Select pieces that have simple lines, and simple fabrics. Don’t over crowd your space with modern furniture, select a few, eye catching pieces like a vintage dining table, or a simple cabinet. Many modern retro pieces are works of art on their own, so allow them to be focal points in your room. Add simple textiles and details that will accent your sleek modern furniture, but not over power it.

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Retro style is a great way to incorporate fun and whimsical features into a modern home. Whether you are selecting new pieces with retro flair or have great retro finds, Patricia Interiors can help you design the perfect modern, retro space to showcase your retro-inspired taste. To schedule an interior design estimate or to learn more about our interior design services, call us today at (586) 739-0080.