Bloomfield Hills Interior Design Tips: Decorating a Small Living Room You don’t have to have a large home or apartment to have a beautifully decorated space. There are many design tips that can help you achieve the appearance of more square footage.

Here are some Bloomfield Hills interior design tips for decorating a small living room.

1.    Area Rugs Can Enlarge a Space

An area rug can make a room feel bigger because it creates a room-within-a-room illusion. To accomplish this, you need to purchase a rug large enough to accommodate your furniture arrangement. Make sure the furniture legs are on the rug, but leave at least 6 inches of space between the rug and the walls. Most often, a lighter, neutral rug will brighten the space, making it look bigger as well.

2.    Add a Console Table

Also known as a sofa table, a console table is a tall, narrow table that sits directly behind a couch. There are incredibly narrow tables available to fit even the smallest living room in Bloomfield Hills. You can use this table to hold knick knacks, pictures, lamps, and other decorative objects. Adding tall pieces like a console table can add height to the room, and its hidden nature will make your living room appear as if it can hold more furniture without taking up much space.

3.    Try a Neutral Color Palette

Bloomfield Hills interior designers use light, neutral colors to brighten and enlarge small spaces all the time. It opens up the space whereas dark colors can squash a room making it look and feel more like a cave. A monochromatic color palette doesn’t mean that the living room is going to be boring; instead, it can actually make a room feel much more comfortable and inviting. And the soft, neutral tones allow you to play with fun colors and patterns elsewhere like pillows, window treatments, accessories, or a rug.

4.    Invest in Custom Furniture

Having a carpentry firm design custom pieces for your space can help you get more space out of your small living room. They can accommodate the shape and size you have, while taking into account the type of lounging and entertaining you like to do. Some spaces are challenging to work with and find premade pieces for, and custom furniture can help you maximize your square footage.

5.    Make Use of Wall Storage

One of the best ways to create more space in your small living room is to take the clutter off of the ground, and make use of the empty space on the walls. A wall-to-wall freestanding or built-in bookshelf can do wonders to open up a space, create more walkable square footage, while adding three dimensional interest to your walls. Adding baskets that hold extra blankets and pillows on the shelves is actually a popular look. And a large piece like this can make your room appear taller than it is.

Need More Bloomfield Hills Interior Design Tips?

Who says only large rooms and cathedral ceilings can have that airy, open feel? Now you can too with these Bloomfield Hills interior design tips.

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