birmingham spring decoratingEvery year, spring warmly invites change to your home to freshen it up after a long winter. Birmingham Spring decorating asks for delicate colors, soft fabrics, and fresh blooms. And there are many inexpensive ways you can freshen up a bedroom or living room for Spring.

If you want a fresh change to your home’s interiors, follow these tips for Birmingham Spring decorating season easily and inexpensively:

  1. Create a Spring Rain Splash of Color on the Walls, Furniture, or Trim

Why not really make a change this spring and freshen up your space with new paint color? Consider painting a wall, the trim, or some furniture pieces in spring colors, like aqua blues and spring greens. It is also a good idea to ground everything with neutral tones. You can paint the wall a soft neutral, like light gray or white, and add pops of color with accessories, painted furniture, and window treatments. Or, if you’re really wanting to have some fun, paint a wall a color you’ve never tried before like kiwi green or pale violet. A couple gallons of paint are inexpensive and can make a big impact.

  1. Have Fun with Fresh Patterns and Color

Flip through your favorite fashion magazines and take away some inspiration for new prints, patterns, and color combos. Try to avoid pasty pales and deep colors and go with mid tones instead. Organic colors inspired by Mother Nature help cheer up boring spaces. One way to incorporate patterns into your space is to place colorful patterned pillows on a neutral couch or loveseat. Let colorful bold, patterns like hot pink, magenta, and cobalt do the talking rather than adding in fussy fringe and beads.

  1. Lighten Up with Colors, Fabrics, and Flow

Everything in your space should be clean, refreshing, tranquil, and light. Choose sheer fabrics, linens, and open weave textiles. Also, move away from ceramic accessories and choose crystal or glass to prevent areas that block the flow of light.

  1. Nothing Says Spring like Fresh Flowers

Head over to your weekly farmer’s market and pick up a bundle of native, spring blooms. But try not to get too excited with all the colors; be consistent with creating arrangements, and choose a color scheme. This can be all white, or the same type of flower in one container with a lovely ribbon wrapped around it.

  1. Attack Clutter

Clutter around your house is distracting, stops the flow of energy and light, and is very uninspiring. Organize your space, set aside the items you don’t use and want to give away, and simplify the rest. Use sheets, flowers, and a new furniture arrangement to create a new look with what you have.

  1. Shabby Chic Knows Best

When it comes to light and romantic decorating, you can never go wrong with shabby chic. This style is already classic and traditional so you don’t need to think of ways to revise it for it to work for you. Choose shabby chic pillows, sheets, blankets, and white accessories to channel the beloved cottage garden appeal.

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