Birmingham Interior Designer Gives Decorating Tips

Many homes have that one room that is small and cozy, but when you decorate it, it feels smaller and cramped. Decorating a small space, whether it be a small home, apartment or condo, or just that strange tiny room, can be a challenge. When you are decorating a small space in your home, here are some helpful tips to make that room look and feel bigger.

Use Mirrors

Have you ever walked into a room with a mirror on the opposite end and got the feeling that the room was longer than it really was? Mirrors are probably the easiest way to make a small space appear larger. Mirrors reflect light and create an illusion of depth. They can also be placed in any part of your home. Use a tall mirror in your entry way to give the illusion of a larger space. A big mirror in your dining room will make the room look longer, giving the illusion of more space for your dining table. Make a tiny kitchen look bigger by installing mirrored backsplash or replace the glass in your kitchen cabinets with mirrors.

Choose Sleek, Simple Furnishing

There’s nothing that makes a small space seem even smaller than a giant, over-stuffed couch. Your big couch may be comfy to sit in, but it is a sure way to make your small living room look even smaller. As you are decorating your space, and finding the right furniture, select pieces that are sleek and simple. Big bulky couches, skirted chairs, and bulky coffee tables can make your space feel like it’s shrunken. Look for furniture that has open bottoms and slender legs. These pieces will make the room feel open and airy. Make sure you test out the furniture before you buy, to ensure that they are easy to sit in, and welcoming to your guests.

Take Advantage of Height

Use your walls to the fullest when you are decorating. Hang a shelf high on the wall for pictures and knick-knacks to draw the eye upwards. This works the same for curtain rods. Hanging your curtain rods higher, closer to the ceiling, instead of at the top of the window gives the illusion that your space is taller and larger than it actually is. If you are challenged by a tiny bedroom, find a headboard or piece of artwork to hang on the wall behind the bed. This will move the visual focus up the wall, and help you save on valuable floor space.

Go for Multipurpose Function

The quickest way to make a small room look really small, is to pack it full of furniture. No matter how sleek and airy your furniture is, if there is a bunch of it, the space will look and feel small. To open up the room, find multipurpose pieces of furniture. If you need storage for blankets, books or games in your family room, find a coffee table or ottoman that has a storage compartment under the top. Use storage cubes or a short bookcase as a sofa table. Any way you can find to multipurpose furniture, and keep the number of pieces in a room minimal, will make the space feel larger.

Hire the Best Birmingham Interior Designer

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