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A large wall in your home can be an intimidating decorating task. You may feel like your only decorating option is a large item, such as a big square piece of art. But there are other ways to bring interest to a large, open wall that are more creative and unique. Here are some suggestions from a Beverly Hills interior designer for decorating a large wall in your home.

Wall Decals

Wall coverings are large-scale decals that stick to a wall and are a simple way to bring interest without the addition of multiple décor items or much effort. The options that are available are pretty diverse, and can be as simple or as fancy as you want. If you are looking for an option that can be changed relatively easy, is relatively inexpensive, and can be installed fairly quickly, try wall paper with a large, funky pattern to bring easy interest to a large wall. If wallpaper isn’t your style and you want something more natural, consider installing weathered wood or stone. Installing wood or stone on a large open wall adds dimension and variation without a lot of necessary extras.


The sky is the limit when you are looking for art to hang on a large open wall. The obvious choice for a large wall is a large piece of art. Look for large pieces that will not be overwhelming in the room, but still match your décor style. For added interest, find a large piece of art that is already split into pieces or one that can be split into pieces. If you don’t really want one large piece of art, find a collection of small, coordinating pieces or a group of family photos. Select a center piece and then arrange the other pieces around it. Old fashioned maps are another great art option for a large wall. If you already have travel related items in your space, a large map of a favorite location or an old style world map is a good way to fill up a wall. If you want something softer, try hanging a tapestry or a quilt with a funky pattern or bright colors. These will do the same thing as a large piece of art, but give your room a softer feel.

Painted Pattern

Big, bold patterns are fabulous for large walls without windows. Try using bold colors that make a statement without needing extras. Or, try a pattern. Color blocks are a great way to break-up a wall using a variety of coordinating colors. When the paint is dry, you don’t need additional wall hangings. If color blocks are not your style you can always paint stripes or other pattern types.


Large mirrors can really make a statement on a wall. Not only will a large mirror give the illusion of more space but they can make a dark room look brighter. If you have a large wall to decorate, consider a mirror with a decorative frame, or use multiple mirrors. Don’t want to hang a mirror? Find one with a good frame and lean it against the wall.

Need to Hire a Beverly Hills Interior Designer ?

A large, open wall in your home doesn’t have to be a daunting decorating task. The options are as diverse as your imagination. If you are still unsure what will work best for your home, and are looking for an experienced Beverly Hills interior designer, the professionals at Patricia Interiors are ready to help you make your home beautiful. For information on our services or to speak with a design professional, call us today at (586) 739-0080.