The Basics of Interior Design

Basic Interior Design Tips - MichiganThere are lots of things to think about when you are working with an interior designer. And while it’s our job to know as much as possible about making your rooms look amazing, for many of our Shelby Township clients, the endless ideas and options for décor can be a bit overwhelming. We try to make the process as simple as possible, but sometimes it’s best to just get back to basics. Before we jump into your home’s interior design, here are some good basic thoughts and suggestions that might make the process a little bit easier.

Livable is Best

When you’ve been hit with a ton of decorating ideas and are feeling overwhelmed with options, one of the best pieces of advice that we can give is to pick the ideas that keep your room livable. This is your home, and if your spaces aren’t livable and inviting, it won’t matter how fashionable they are. Comfortable furniture is always in style and it isn’t impossible to find funky, unique or antique pieces that will fit your style but also be a piece you want to use. And when it comes to arranging furniture, remember that comfort also means practical, so select room arrangements that allow easy movement through a room or spaces for entertaining and socializing.

Less Can Be More

Lots of interior design magazines and home improvement shows have rooms that are packed full of stuff. Lots of wall hangings, books, plants, knick-knacks, wall to wall furniture, wall art, pillows and blankets. Sometimes these spaces can look hectic and cluttered. When we help you create a beautiful space, we may decide that a few key pieces of furniture and a couple of really nice wall hangings are all the space needs. Your home’s interior doesn’t need to be wall to wall stuff, to be beautiful. For interior design, less is often more.

Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New

We’ve had clients who are nervous about a color choice or a suggestion for a funky piece of furniture. We’ve selected these details because we think that they will make a great statement in your home. When we can convince a client to step out of their comfort zone and give something new a try, they are often surprised at how much they love our idea. Here’s the thing about stepping out of the box with interior design – it isn’t permanent. If you lose interest in a color or don’t like how we’ve arranged your furniture, you can change it. New paint is easy, so are linens and moving furniture. Give something new a try, and remember, if it doesn’t work, try something else.

There Are No Rules

Yes, we talk a lot about design trends, and suggest options that are tried and true, but if there is something you love and you want to make it part of your room, let’s make it happen. Love a funky color? Want to add a modern couch with antique pieces? Don’t want art on your walls? These are all options for your home’s interior. Our job is to help make your space, just the way you want it. If you have something you love, let us know. We can help you add it into your space so that it looks great and fits your style.

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Interior design doesn’t have to be overwhelming. As a matter of fact, as your interior design experts, we hope that the experience is fun and inspiring. If your home needs some interior TLC, let us help. Contact us today at (586) 739-0080 to schedule a consultation and see how amazing your home can look and feel!